Gotta be said: Huawei Nexus 6P and Apple iPhone 6s Plus Compared – subjectively

Six is when kids normally start school. Both iPhone model and Nexus Android OS numbers have reached 6. Both have improved enormously up to now and I do believe it’s a kind of coming-of-age for Android. Where iOS improvements are incremental, this Android version is quite a stride IMHO. Now the two are definitely comparable. Google just needs to ensure ALL Android devices get the new OS ASAP. Maybe make an ecosystem a la Apple to force updates where possible and not wait for all the malware that service providers insist on installing to be made compatible. What Apple does, Google should be able to do in spades… I believe a start would be to get one service provider to use only pure Android, which might well be to the detriment of others, who would then quickly follow. Sure, it means their micro-eco systems would either be integrated into Google’s mega one, or simply an addition, but with some thought that could be a good thing.

Size wise there’s not much between them, the Nexus 6P phone is a tad thicker and a little longeN6P.6SPlusr and wider than the iPhone 6s Plus, the Nexus screen is also a little longer. Specific millimetre values and pix are found easily on the Web. The Nexus screen is also AMOLED with a higher resolution than the iPhone 6s Plus.

I was quite taken with the iPhone 6s Plus when I first got it and like so many objects of our passions, when fresh they enamour, to then lose their fascination after a while – the so-called “honeymoon” period. There are a few niggles I have with iOS 9.2, like when a link is used, say from email, to open a browser window, resulting in the small “Back to…” top left appearing. That browser window takes forever, or longer, to open – often the blue indicator line just sticks at its initial effort never to move again. Perhaps connected with that is a further niggle, the fact that Apple insists you use their Safari browser for links tapped elsewhere that then go – nowhere when Chrome using copy/paste does get the job done! Another, quite substantial annoyance is the iPhone finger print recognition not doing what it’s supposed to after a day or even shorter duration. Then there’s Siri, which seems to have been educated as a kind of entertainer rather than helper. Make a comment or ask a question a bit unclearly and a cryptic comment is assured.

The Nexus 6P feels quite hefty in the hand, especially when enclosed in a soft plastic case, but is still lighter than the iPhone 6s Plus! I’m still exploring the new OS Android 6 Marshmallow that seems to have made everything easier to use and faster. The large screen pleases with its OLED brilliance, the fingerprint recognition happens mostly as it should and everything else is snappily at beck & call. Speaking of which, OK Google, the Android equivalent to Siri and unlike that robotic search system, is all business. Indeed, a relatively impersonal veritable factotum would better describe it, where Siri endeavours to mirror an individual, including character flaws. OK Google can access functions within the OS that Siri just can’t. For example, tell Siri to “Turn on flash-light” and hear “I can’t do that” whereby OK Google executes such a bidding without compunction, oh, and will also turn it off when told to. It might be that OK Google is a little more tightly integrated than Siri to its respective OS, or maybe it’s just that, as mentioned, Siri tries to be an individual where OK Google doesn’t and is more a service with insight – and then there’s Google’s navigation help... An opinion here too: Siri vs. Cortana vs. ‘OK Google’.

Talking about sound: the Nexus 6P has dual front-facing speakers that simply blow you away when you turn the phone from vertical to wide orientation the sound suddenly becomes all-encompassing – awesome!

There’s one app I really like on the iPhone: email. A simple app that lists emails received with a simple way to mark them all as read, or whatever, is what I’m talking about. The Google email app with its categories is just too much for the phablet screen size and the presentation is not simple. The desktop version is AOK, but in the hand? Mmm!

And now last, but by gum not least, those buttons: the newer iPhone annoys me immensely by having the power button diametrically opposite the volume buttons, as so many smartphones do, so when the sound needs adjustment, by accident the phone gets turned off! Even worse, try giving an iPhone 6(s), or many Android phones, to someone to show, say, a picture and likewise – off it goes! People grip device sides not screens. I can still hear my Android using pal quietly cursing that his phone had turned off again in the middle of a call through an accidental button press! Apple even copied that setup! Where’s the form follows function philosophy in that? Put that accursed button back at the unit top out of the way where it used to be on the iPhonethe top of the phone is not that far away, see iPads! Oh, and an added advantage of placing that button at top of the unit is that it’s a further indicator of where top is on an otherwise nearly symmetrical unit making choosing orientation easier which will become even more difficult to discern if/when the iPhone loses the headphone socket and maybe others follow suit.

The Nexus 6P thankfully, has all the buttons placed on one side and in such a location that the phone can be gripped on the side below AND above them without activating their functions – simple! Of course, the SIM card slot is on the other side. Pass the Nexus 6P to someone to show them a picture and they grip it at its sides above the buttons, and get to see the pictures first time round.

Someone else here asks iPhone 6s vs Nexus 6P: Can iOS Take on The Might of Android Marshmallow? that gives a little more detail to my subjective judgement.

Slightly edited Jan 26, 2016. Nothing world moving.
The opinion hasn’t changed, only some spelling.

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