The i7 Sandy Bridge Machine

If you read the post about the computer I designated “beast” then you’ll know that I also utilized an OWC SSD in that build. Time brings change with it and firmware updates too. So that SSD had one due, but OWC could not help directly as I run Linux Mint on it and they have updaters for Mac and Windows only so I had to find another way. I’m pleased to report that the firmware update on my Linux Mint 14, 64 bit MATE SSD install went without a hitch.
I used OWC Mercury SSD Firmware Updater – for PC on a Windows 7, 64 bit computer that I didn’t own as I don’t run any Windows OS. I just took the SSD and the zip file on a pen drive with me, started up Windows with the drive connected by SATA and placed and unzipped the updater on the desktop. Windows did, of course, not recognize the SSD, but the updater did and updated the SSD within seconds after I selected the MP-5.0.7.ffp file. I put the SSD back in its home machine and it booted up in double-quick time with no apparent difference other than the satisfied feeling that all is up-to-date, well and perhaps a tad faster. Illusion? Maybe.

The upshot? OWC hardware and service is for Mac and maybe Windows, but not Linux although they do use the OS (Ubuntu) to help update a Mac’s SSD firmware!

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