Sources for some of my Favorurite Items

As I live in Japan I often buy stuff from outside the country as, among other things, my body size and H:W ratio is different to that of the natives.

To start, a couple of categories may be useful:

Shoes & Boots
The footwear brand I now swear by is KEEN and I wear little else except perhaps no shoes. Keen make all kinds of products, but for me the sandals, boots & shoes are the most important as I always had fitting problems which with Keen disappeared. Keen shoes & boots are well made, have a big toe box and the sole support is legendary.
This source list has been relatively up-to-date for a while now even though source pricing and shipping policies do change. Keen products I get either at,,,, or maybe basically in that order as Amazon’s shipping often wins out in total pricing and some of the others’ shipping is either slow, expensive or they don’t have the model I’m looking for.
Sandals, shoes & boots can be best ogled online at as they have the best product presentation, but as of this writing don’t ship to Japan. The US site is often not representative for their assortment as they produce for distributers and so not all models/colours are on their site. They also have a Japanese site if your size is not excessive and shoe choice not expansive.
My favourite boot models are Targhee II Mid, Bryce Mid WP, Gypsum Mid and Incline High.

I now own two juicers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
The first one I got was the Green Star GSE-5000 Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor, a monster of a juicer capable of producing juice from almost anything from apples and oranges to leafy greens, leaving a quite dry pulp to dispose of. It will also make nut butters and also sorbet or an ice-cream similar substance from frozen bananas or other frozen fruit. Apart from its size and weight it’s a bit noisy too and cleaning the screen after use I found quite laborious.
The second juicer I purchased because of what I consider the Green monster’s shortcomings is the Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer. This juicer is an upright, or vertical, design, hence the VRT designation. The HD means that it has a screen of a new and stronger material that doesn’t show early signs of wear as, according to reports, the older white one did. The Omega VRT 350 HD is not suitable for making nut butters, but will juice anything else from apples and oranges to leafy greens as long as the produce is chopped into pieces before feeding it in and making sure that fibrous and crunchy juicy produce is fed in alternately to prevent blockage – which I have yet to experience. It does this quietly and the juice produced is excellent with little pulp in it. The residual pulp is relatively dry (not as dry as the Green monster’s though) and cleaning is a breeze. This juicer I use very often as it is so easy to use and clean whereby the Green monster gets used only occasionally for those special things the Omega can’t handle.

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