Konica Minolta bizhub C220 network printer on Linux Mint

Well, I just got our Konica-Minolta C220 network printer set up to work with Linux Mint 13 Maya 64bit. The drivers available with the Linux distribution are not suitable. Nevertheless, the only really confusing part is that CUPS versions and driver versions don’t match making the choice a guessing game. What I chose to do follows:

Linux European language drivers for the Konica-Minolta C220 network printer, one of the C360 Series, can be downloaded from here, click USA (direct here).
On that page choose Color Products / bizhub C220 / Drivers / Linux. Click the Show button at right below the selection boxes and download C360 Series Linux v10001.0000.zip – Unzip that file and go to CUPS1.2 / EN and note the location of KOC360UX.ppd for the following CUPS setup.

Open CUPS in a browser using http://localhost:631/ – Install CUPS though Synaptic Package Manager if not already available.
Select Adding Printers and Classes, click Add Printer, select the C220 under Discovered Network Printers: (top one usually), then type in a Location (e.g. Office) so you know where to pick up your hard copies. click Continue.
On the next page there is an option at the bottom Or Provide a PPD File: Click Browse and go to the extracted KOC360UX.ppd mentioned above, select it and click Add Printer.
After that the Default Options can be set – most are already set correctly, but under General the default paper size should be chosen (A4/Letter) and then click Set Default Options.
That should do it. Now a test page can be printed by selecting Administration/Manage Printers, select the printer and click Maintenance/Print Test Page.
If multiple printers are connected to the computer it might be good to set a default printer in Administration/Manage Printers/<PrinterName> – Administration/Set As Server Default.

Make and Model: KONICA MINOLTA C360SeriesPS(P)
Driver: KOC360UX.ppd

Oct 18 update:
Oh dear, it doesn’t always work! I’ll have to dig a bit and find out why. I’ll need a few days as I’m away in the woods over the w/e, hopefully without rain…

2013 Feb 28 Update:
I searched and searched and at long last found, with the help of Ubuntu Launchpad Bug reports, some relief from the problem that the Konica-Minolta Bizhub C220 would not print on Linux Mint 14. Here is an extract and How To:
Open LibreOffice, go to File>Printer Settings -> Properties -> Device
Set Printer Language Type = Postscript (Level from driver)
Now it’ll print from LibreOffice and Firefox. This should still be fixed but at least printing is possible with the workaround. The report is here.
The driver I used was KOC360UX.ppd I found out about here, the actual download is here, and is now also available here. No, I haven’t found out how to make the LibreOffice setting permanent, nor whether this KOC360X.ppd is different from the other one…

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7 Responses to Konica Minolta bizhub C220 network printer on Linux Mint

  1. Florian says:

    I am struggling to get the bizhub C220 running under Linux Mint as well…

  2. Hi Florian,
    It seems the software needs to know where the printer is, i.e. needs an IP address.
    Find the printer IP address (Angry IP Scanner [ipscan in Synaptic Package Manager] is good for that). In Printer Properties click Change Device URI, select Network Printer>Find Network Printer and enter the IP as Host. Leave Port No. as is & Connection as AppSocket/HP JetDirect. Click Apply. Test page was OK! ODT file also OK. In my case there was one caveat: the icon in the notification area shows a red x before printing, but does actually print!
    And in addition:
    Default options: Set paper tray to where the A4 paper is located. Tray2 in my case.
    Hope that helps!

  3. superhua says:

    FWIW, we also had a similar challenge with our bizhub C220 with Ubuntu 12.04. In addition to the instructions above (adding IP and using AppSocket/HP JetDirect), we had to disable user authenticated printing on the copier/printer itself.

    It seems that the Linux drivers don’t have the user authentication option when printing. Thus, if user authentication is enabled on the copier/printer, it won’t accept print jobs.

    So we can only print in black and white, but at least we can print now!

  4. superhua says:

    One more update: actually we are able to print in color now. 🙂

  5. Chen says:

    I’m also fighting with a Bizhub c220 under debian wheezy.
    To make the LibreOffice setting permanent, launch /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/spadmin,
    configure and test, it should be ok.
    Does someone have more informations about finisher, Paper Source Unit, Punch Unit, Saddle Kit?


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  7. Sorry for the delay. The solution that worked for me I have noted here: https://straightbanana.wordpress.com/2013/04/27/konica-minolta-bizhub-c220-on-64-bit-linux-mint-14-mate-finally-solved/
    It seems now all is well and only installing LSB in Synaptic was required to get everything up and running. I now have LM16 installed and LSB was already in the initial installation – someone read what I had written and included it – so the K-M driver installed and just worked…

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