Samsung Galaxy S3 SC-06D – my recent update

With a huge sigh of relief I have at last been able to sideline those horrible launchers called docomo Palette UI & Touchwiz on my Galaxy S3! I now have the wonderfully simple and effective Apex Launcher and everything is in Android. It looks and feels like stock Android again, specifically ICS. Note the five icons at screen bottom. Desktop icons can be stacked without a folder and apps are also sorted alphabetically in the app drawer. I left all those unused and doubtful apps that both docomo & Samsung installed in the app drawer.
I have resurrected my copy of the xPhonePro phone & contacts app I bought in Feb 2012 and originally found too complex. Now though, it looks as if I’ve learnt something, or their update worked wonders… it now works well and has nice icons – with pictures if I want. Resizing favourite icons is still not quite intuitive – hold a finger on the screen in Group view to enable Edit, then select menu. Voila, three options including sizing become available. I expected the setting to be in Preferences like all the others!
Now the only things the Galaxy Nexus has better are the curved screen and thinner shapely body that gives the hand an idea of its orientation!

Update: October 08, 2012
And now I’ve had to change the launcher again because Apex Launcher kept crashing or freezing things so I installed GO Launcher EX and lovin’ it! The interface is now almost Android – without crashing!

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