My Galaxy Nexus

Having had this phone for a while and tried a few apps I’ve come to a short-list that suites my purpose. The Desktop looks as the picture on the right – screenshots are a breeze: press & hold power button + volume down simultaneously and it’s done! The wallpaper is “Sun Rise Live Wallpaper (Free)” and has birds flying past on occasion. Then there’s the weather widget with clock and alarm, that’ll also show the battery level, from “Fancy Widgets” and I also found a relatively good replacement for the default calendar called “Business Calendar Free” as my favourite iRT Calendar that as yet won’t run on ICS! One important and very good addition that I actually paid for is the “xPhone Photo Contacts” app that really excels. Below is a list of apps installed on my GN.
Alarm Clock (1.0.3)

Alarm Clock Plus (4.9)
iris. (4.0)
iRT Calendar (1.4.733)
OpenOffice Document Reader (1.3.2)
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free (3.3a)
Apps Share (1.0.3)
BBC News (1.3)
Business Calendar Free (
CNNGo (1.3.0)
CX (2.4)
Dropbox (2.1)
Fancy Widgets (3.5.5)
Lookout (7.6-b5787a3)
Notes Lite (1.0.74)
SanDisk Memory Zone (1.2.6)
ShareMyApps (3.1.3)
Skype (
SugarSync (3.5.1)
Sun Rise Live Wallpaper (Free) (3.2)
xPhone (1.6.1)
Zedge (2.8)
Generated by ShareMyApps

[edit: list updated March 15, 2012]
Not a huge list, but enough for my current needs. Another important ICS feature is the multiple icon stacks one can make and thereby packing much more onto one screen. Google does this by default when the phone is new with the Google icon stack in which there are some 9 or 10 apps. Behind the little red squirrel on my desktop are 4 other apps, all to do with file storage in the cloud.
I haven’t found a satisfactory alarm clock yet. For all of them I need glasses to see when waking and I do not want to hit snooze!

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