A powerful zoom lens for the Sony Alpha NEX-5

Well, I took the plunge and got the Sony SEL18200, the made in China zoom lens for the Sony Alpha NEX series. I must say, the lens surprised me after the mediocre results from the two other kit lenses. The camera suddenly comes into its own and snap decisions become good photos easily! Now there’s only the slight strangeness of the lens being larger than the camera body. That means carrying is best done with the lens barrel in the hand, not the camera hanging from the hand grip. Oh, and I also picked up an IR Wireless Remote Control for Sony NEX-5 RMT-DSLR1 on eBay for a tenth of the normal selling price, including shipping. It works like a charm.
Now Sony, where’s the EVF? The display is great, but it can’t compete with the summer sun – or do you think we should all just guess at what we’re framing? It sh/could also have a piggy-back adapter for flash incorporated…

I asked Sony about the possibility of them offering an EVF for the NEX-5 and got the following suggestion on July 14, 2011, quote: “Also when you use NEX-5 outdoors, we recommend you to set the brightness of the LCD monitor to “Sunny Weather” (Handbook page105). It would be set brightly than you make the maximum brightness with the manual control.” and further to the EVF, “In reply to your inquiry, we regret to inform you that the release of the Digital Viewfinder accessory which you hope for is undecided now.”

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