New Sony NEX cameras on the way

Sony NEX-C3

Well it’s been a while and now Sony is moving to the NEXt level. The NEX-3 is being replaced by the NEX-C3 with 16.2 Megapixel sensor, a new bigger flash atop and a much more rounded body. The NEX-5 will get a big brother/sister called NEX-7 with a 24 Megapixel sensor and is also said to have a built-in EVF.

Will it look like this? A bit boxy, but then it’s only a mockup and could get the NEX-C3 hand friendly corner treatment before production…

NEX-7 ?

Sensor size seems to have taken over again leaving the 10k barrier way behind! Whatever happened to the notion that pixel count over 10k was not as important as sensor size and pixel density. I wonder what they will be…

But maybe a smartphone/camera combi like the WVIL is the future. Although it wouldn’t fit in my pocket, the wireless roaming lens with sensor idea is fantastic. See demo here. The screen size will have to have quite a lot more area than current ones to make apps usable for high quality photos. I suppose the smartphone tendency toward increasingly larger screens is showing the way.

WVIL (Click picture)

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