Mac setup procedures for a friend…

Backing up your NEW Mac running Snow Leopard using Time Machine and one of the External hard drive partitions we made aeons ago…

The external USB Western Digital hard drive is nearly set up to use Time Machine. So let’s change stuff to make it work.
Finder shows there are a few (three I believe) external hard drive partitions, viz “CCC_BAK” and another probably called “SmartBAK” and then “Storage” or whatever we called it.
The “CCC_BAK” partition we leave as is because that partition can boot if the Mac hard drive crashes for some reason. The “Storage’ partition (maybe called “Storage” for pictures etc.) we also leave as is.

The “SmartBAK” partition we can use for Time Machine as we’re going to remove the Western Digital backup application.

  1. Change the name of the “SmartBAK” partition by control click and selecting “Get Info”, change the Name & Extension to TimeMachine (or something else you like as a title for the Time Machine backup and close that Get Info window. The partition name in Finder should now be “TimeMachine” or whatever you named it, but no spaces in the partition name.
  2. Go to Applications and click on the Western Digital Uninstall icon to remove that application.
  3. Next, open the Disk Utility app in Applications > Utilities. In the left side list under the WD My Book USB external hard drive there should be the three partitions mentioned above.
  4. Click on the TimeMachine partition, select the Erase tab (between First Aid & RAID), ensure that Format is set to Mac OS Extended (journaled) and the partition you want to erase is in the Name box e.g. TimeMachine and click Erase.
  5. Close the Disk Utility when the contents of that partition are erased.

Now to set up Time Machine. Apple has a How-to here.
You can select a backup disk or partition in Time Machine in System Preferences.

  1. Choose From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
  2. From the View menu, choose Time Machine.
  3. Click “Select Backup Disk”.
  4. Choose a disk/partition where backups will be stored (e.g. Time Machine), then click “Use for Backup.”

In Time Machine preferences (in System Preferences) you can click the Options button to adjust settings.
The little window that then opens allows you to exclude files, folders, or entire volumes from being backed up.
Exclude both the CCC_BAK and the “Storage” partitions.

The first backup will take a while, subsequent ones are much shorter.
That should be it.

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