I have a number of computers running with a number of operating systems that fulfill my obvious need to try all and every OS out there and to see if I can understand, at least half way, how they tick!

  • Two desktops with Linux Mint. One with LM 9 Isadora, one with Mint 9 LXDE.
    (Now both have LM 10)
  • One desktop with Win7 (No longer)
  • One Mac mini running Snow Leopard
  • One Netbook with Linux Mint. Yes, my favourite OS!
  • An iPad, an iPhone and an HTC Desire Android phone. (Changed Desire for Sharp IS03)
  • A few others with various OSs, from WinXT to Android.
  • And then there’s the multitude of others’ hardware needing some kind of assistance…

(All above updated April 2011 post 3/11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown…)

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6 Responses to Computerz

  1. tlc4yoko says:

    Oh~Yeah! You have so many computerz 😀 a~~~nd, also 3 doggies, and me ♥ 😀

  2. desqedo says:

    Girlz & computerz!

  3. desqedo says:

    And I forgot to mention the three 24 inch flat panel displays!

  4. tlc4yoko says:

    Yea~~~h, and you have cameras…sandals, clothes…, oh!! lots of underwears!!! 😀

  5. tlc4yoko says:

    Oh~! I forgot to tell you about the CAR that you change every 3 years!! Hahahaha~ 😀

  6. desqedo says:

    And now Google has so this blog’s short address is
    Their counter also works. I accessed the page twice and the counter registered both.

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